World Pet & Animal Transport's services

Worldwide transportation of live animals and pets for private customers, breeders and zoos: discover now our services

Our specialists follow your beloved animal through every step of the journey and are dedicated to making their trip as comfortable as possible.

Pre-flight assistance

  • Document assistance: we will send you an updated check-list with all the necessary documents and vet requirements needed to travel towards the chosen country, and we will assist you every step of the way.
  • ASL (Azienda Sanitaria Locale) Assistance: When possible, we can take your pets to the ASL vet to complete veterinary procedures. (Export Health Certificate, Vet Check, Parassite Treatments, etc..) Please Note: This service is only available in Rome and Milan and for pets (cats, dogs and ferrets).
  • Boarding services: We offer boarding services in structures which have been carefully vetted.
  • Kennels: it is possible to buy IATA approved kennels directly through our company. These can be shipped at home, picked up at our Rome and Milan offices or we will take them directly to the airport on the day of departure with all necessary stickers ready to take off.
  • Home pick-up: we offer home pick-up services all over Italy (except for the islands). The pick-up is carried out by car: in the Center/South of Italy we will use our new van which is fitted for pet transport, while in the North we will use a dedicated car.

Booking and shipping handling

We will deal with selecting the most pet-friendly and convenient airline for your request, and we will proceed with the booking and handling of the shipment (exchange of documents, pre-compiling of any forms required by the airlines, file opening, AWB issuing, etc..). If you decide to use an IPATA agent at destination we will contact them and communicate with them directly regarding the exchange of information and documents, booking and handling of their services and payment on your behalf.

Boarding assistance (MEET & GREET)

You will be greeted at the Cargo Cities from a World Pet and Animal Transport operator or by a World Cargo Srl. colleague that will assist you during the whole boarding process, which is the last step before departure. Usually this is done 3-4 hours before departure, because the preparation for boarding and check procedures are numerous. During this process:

  • we will prepare the kennels with absorbent bedding, bowls and necessary labels
  • the airline will perform checks on the documentation and on the kennel to ensure that all LAR (Live Animal Regulations) requirements have been complied with.
  • the cage will go through the x-ray for a security check (during this phase, most handlers require that pets are taken out of the cage)
  • we will then proceed with the final closure of the cages with sable ties
  • the kennel will then be taken inside the cargo area, ready for departure (once inside the cargo area, we agents cannot enter. At this point, the pets are in the hands of the handlers and of the airline).

Arrival assitance

Some airlines require mandatory assistance of an IPATA agent at the airport of destination. Personally, we do not recommend that clients deal with the arrival/clearance alone unless they have previous experience.

IPATA agents deal with:

  • Airline handling fees
  • Customs clearance (only for non-EU countries)
  • Vet Check
  • Delivery
  • Pet Boarding
  • Kennel cleaning service
The services depend on the agent/airport of arrival.