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"Hi, my name is Pirate. I am a 4 month old Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen puppy. I was born in a breeding farm in France but my family is Italian. They had to move to Dubai so they put me in the capable hands of the World Pet and Animal Transport team for the transfer and they took good care of me. I arrived at destination without problems and after a pleasant flight. Thank you World Pet. I totally recommend your services!"

"My name is Loki and I am a beautiful (right?) Ragdoll cat. I was born in a breeding farm in Milan but my new home is in Calabria. With World Pet & Animal Transport it was all very easy. At 7:30 am I was at the Linate Airport in Milan and by 12:30 pm I was already with my new family. They were so happy they wrote to my new friends at World Pet: << Thank you for your kindness and expertise >>. And while I am at it...thank you World Pet, from me too"

"My name is Tartufa, I am a 7-year-old Beagle, and this is my little sister Teti, a Maine Coon puppy. Our human parents had to move from Milan to Dubai. They entrusted us in the capable hands of World Pet and Animal Transport. As you can see, we are as happy as ever!"

"We are Lapo, Sweety, Kimi, Sven and Blue and we are 5 Brie Shepherd puppies. A very generous Italian gentleman donated us for Pet Therapy, so we have been entrusted to World Pet to reach Washington DC from Milan. The journey was very pleasant: we recommend World Pet to all our four-legged friends for their transfers abroad!"

"My name is Benjamin and I am a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. I was born in a breeding farm near Milan and my new mommy wanted me in Toronto. I am really young but the veterinarian gave me the go ahead to travel. I had a stop over in Amsterdam where the KLM Cargo team took very good care of me. They not only fed me and gave me water but they also played with me. They said I was an angel. Upon request of World Pet I was checked by a vet to make sure everything was ok. When I arrived, my new mommy greeted me with open arms. Thank you World Pet!"

"Luna arrived well in Myanmar. Thank you for having successfully carried out this challenge. Special thanks to Maurizio. He is very nice and patient. I'll say only good things about you!
Unlike your competitors, you requested the signature of the contract only after obtaining the confirmation of the flight from Qatar Airways.
You always had a constructive and supportive attitude during the process of obtaining the export documentation, while your competitors in order to secure the business, argued that without them we could never have succeeded with the transfer. Congrats!"