World Pet & Animal Transport: worldwide transportation of live animals

We transport everything from exotic animals, wildlife, livestock, aquarium specimen and, of course, pets.

The competence, the assistance and the love we offer your animal is the result of a thirty year experience of care and respect for every type of animal.
We care for your animals during every step of their trip making sure that the they have a safe, sound and comfortable trip.

We are IATA agents and we follow their regulations very thoroughly. Our team members are LAR (Live Animal Regulations ) certified , we are members of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) and we cooperate with all the main international carriers.

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How to calculate
your pet's size?

Don't know how to calculate your pet's size? It's easy with our guidelines.

Every animal relocation is a little different, and every species has its own needs.

Transporting a dog or a horse, for example, are two very different things. They differ in size, in the room they need and the kind of assistance they require. Thanks to our experience and our true love and respect for animals we are able to cater to all their needs.

Our specialists follow your beloved animal through every step of the journey and are dedicated to making their trip as comfortable as possible.

We are IATA agents and strictly adhere to their regulations, IATA LAR certified and members of IPATA.

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We will provide you with the list of travel requirements and documents and we will assist you in obtaining them

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"<< Thank you for your kindness and expertise >>. And while I am at it...thank you World Pet, from me too"

"They entrusted us in the capable hands of World Pet and Animal Transport. As you can see, we are as happy as ever!"

"The journey was very pleasant: we recommend World Pet to all our four-legged friends for their transfers abroad!"